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Builders at Work: Tasks and Tools for Developing Preschoolers’ Number Sense

To compute quickly and accurately in later grades, preschoolers need lots of practice putting together and pulling apart numbers. This session highlights part-part-whole ideas, break-apart partners, and number partitions to show how working flexibly with number lays the groundwork for computational fluency. We’ll get hands-on with number composition and decomposition activities that encourage exploration and concept building before introducing purely symbolic representations. Join us to explore a range of open materials such as pan balances, counters, linking cubes, beads, pipe cleaners, and more to help teachers explore over a dozen concept-building tasks.

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Executive Function: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Build It


Executive function involves impulse control, organizing play, following multistep instructions, and staying focused on a goal. Pretty advanced stuff for little guys! Join us to learn practical ways to build children’s executive function skills by establishing routines, strengthening working memory, and supporting imaginative play. With your support, children will gradually manage more and more aspects of their environment, and that makes life easier for everyone!


The math-positive support of teachers can foster an optimistic math attitude in students—an outcome with long-lasting implications for learning mathematics to a high level.