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Selected Publications

Current Research


Make Picture Books Count: Effective Ways to Integrate Math and Literacy

Cutler, C. S. (2022). Make picture books count: Effective ways to integrate math and literacy. Teaching Young Children, 15(3), 16-19.


Interdisciplinary Approach to Collaborative Professional Development for Teacher Educators: Number Talks as Culturally Responsive Online Teaching

Alarcón, J. D., Chauvot, J. B., Cutler, C. S., & Gronseth, S. L. (2021). Chapter in Online Learning in Mathematics Teacher Education. Springer. (


Creating an Outdoor Loose Parts Classroom: One Preschool’s Quest for Boundless STEM

Cutler, C. S. & Skidmore, D. (2021). Creating an outdoor loose parts classroom: One preschool's quest for boundless STEM. Dimensions of Early Childhood, 49(3), 15-20.



Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Mindsets During Pandemic-Induced Pivot to Online Learning

Frontiers in Education, 13 November 2020 |


Teacher Tools to Support Calm, Self-Control, and Resilience in Preschool

Cutler, C. & Johnson, A. (2022). Teacher tools to support calm, self-control and resilience in preschool. Dimensions of Early Childhood , 50(3), 14-29.


Cutler, C. S. (2021). Differentiation through small-group instruction and learning centers. The Banneker Banner, 33(1), 10-16.



Seven Essential Skills for
Future Math Success

Cutler, C. S. (2015). Seven essential skills for future math success. Early Years, Spring 2015.


Cutler, C. S. (2013) Support math with materials in your home. NAEYC For Parents. Available at

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