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Workshops that Inspire

Dr. Cutler's workshops are upbeat, humor-filled, and practical, with an emphasis on real classroom challenges. Regardless of how long a teacher has been in the classroom, Dr. Cutler's workshops have something for everyone. 
Comments from recent workshops:
...a delightful presenter, great ideas.
...gave great info using humor, great stories, and examples.

...funny, fun, happy, and enthusiastic.
Very knowledgeable. Very relatable to the classroom.
Click here for a list of Carrie's Professional Development Workshops

Every teacher deserves high-quality professional development, ongoing support from parents and administrators, and a big box of chocolate covered almonds.  -- Dr. Carrie Cutler

My Goals

I strive to provide engaging, relevant workshops for teachers.

I am all about real classrooms filled with snotty noses

and big dreams.

My goal is for teachers to leave feeling invigorated and empowered to continue honing their craft.

Our Mission

My Vision

Teaching is hard! But I believe acknowledging something is hard is not a sign of weakness; it is the first step in intentional persistence.

With a growth mindset and perseverance, educators can overcome challenges and succeed in building children's minds without losing their own.

Let's Talk Further!

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